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Edinburgh Multicultural Research Institute is an independent voluntary organisation. We are managed by a Board of Trustees comprised of people with a specific interest in the development of multiculturalism , the advancement of education, the advancement of health, the advancement of human rights, conflict resolution or reconciliation together with representatives from a range of local organisations and agencies. representatives from a number of community organisations, parents, volunteers and others interested in multiculturalism.

 Please visit us here: emri.org.uk

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The Journal of Strategy, Operations & Economics

The journal of Strategy, Operations and Economics intends to publish academic standard peer-reviewed articles on the key aspects of strategy, operations and economics. It aims to provide insight into academic theory and management practices for the benefit of researchers, practitioners, and managers. The scope of the journal will incorporate; Organisational strategy, Management and leadership, Business management practices, Sustainability, Healthcare management, Public Health Management, Financial management, Operations management, Supply chain management, Strategic management, Marketing, National and International economics systems and processes, and will include other areas related to these core themes. 


  • This Journal is sponsored by the Edinburgh Multicultural Research Institute
  • ISSN 2396-8826 (Online)         (c) EMRI 2019

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